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Boating Magazine’s walks through the All-New RecDeck™ Accessory Platform

Boating Magazine walks through the All-New RecDeck™ Accessory Platform that expands the versatility of Yamaha’s luxury FX Series WaveRunners allowing families to do even more on the water.  [Excerpted from Boating Magazine, August 17th, 2021] “Yamaha had every type of rider and marine enthusiast in mind when they designed their new accessory option for the […]

Mike Finnegan from Finnegan’s Garage, Motor Trend puts the All-New JetBlaster to the test

[Excerpted from Mike Finnegan, August 17th, 2021] “This is called the JetBlaster and this is a personal watercraft that they built basically for people like me you could put two people on this maybe even three but why do that when there’s footholds.” “It has aluminum bars that are mounted up high kind of like […]

Yamaha Racers Show Complete Domination in St. Petersburg; Clinch Overall Championship

Yamaha riders dominated the P1 AquaX stop in St. Petersburg this past weekend, sweeping all three podium spots and securing the 2021 season Championship. In the first moto Chris MacClugage and Christian Daly battled hard side by side with Tory Snyder hot on their trail. Chris eventually takes the lead and the win, followed by […]

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